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Customizing an event to forward to an EIF receiver

Why a Custom Slot is the Literal Solution : Alexa Blogs Why a Custom Slot is the Literal Solution. January 25, ... The following interactions that include nicknames not in the custom slot values yield the same as a LITERAL ... Why are Oracle agent Event Classes are not showing up in ... Why are Oracle agent Event Classes are not showing up in EIF slot customization dialog in TEPS? Question by ... Wrong percent_full when value is sent via EIF forward ... alexa skills kit - Custom Slot wildcard value? - Stack ... First off, I do not want to use AMAZON.Literal as it is for US only (I'm UK based) and I doubt it will be supported much longer. I need a wildcard slot to allow users ...

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amazon - How do I define a custom slot type that isn't a Note that the above format applies to all slot types except AMAZON.LITERAL. For AMAZON.LITERAL, you also need to specify a sample slot value: IntentName this is a sample utterance containing a {slot value|SlotName} using LITERAL Alternatively, using Custom Slots will allow you to provide the slot after defining numerous sample custom slot values.

Had to add an "ID" value to my custom slot values and then I started getting values. I thought I had tried that before but maybe I had not put an ID on each value. That did the trick for me though where the other answers did not work for me.

Constructing an object using the literal syntax is something that is very familiar to every JavaScript developer, quite likely because this reminds everyone of JSON. While every object property needs to be either a key- value pair or getter/setter, this may change in the near future. Delay slot - Wikipedia In computer architecture, a delay slot is an instruction slot that gets executed without the effects of a preceding instruction. The most common form is a single arbitrary instruction located immediately after a branch instruction on a RISC or DSP architecture...

IBM EIF Slot Customization and the msg Slot

EIF slot customizations, when done via the EIF Slot Customization Editor, will be saved internally on the Hub TEMS and can be viewed using the ‘tacmd viewsit’ command. The MAP value will include any mappings saved using the EIF Slot Customization GUI. Login into the tacmd interface using ‘tacmd login’ and locate the situation. EIF Slot Customization - IBM Extended slots. Use the Extended slots table to specify how each extended slot of the forwarded EIF event is populated with data. As with the Base slots table, you can specify either a literal value or a mapping from an attribute.. The list of event slots in the Extended slots table varies depending on the extended slots defined for the EIF event class selected in the Event class name field. EIF Slot Customization Editor: Customizing the msg slot in ... EIF Slot Customization Editor: Customizing the msg slot in ITM 6 carinb 100000JKNU | | Visits (6524) When using EIF forwarding, EIF slot customization is most often used to modify the msg slot value.

Use the EIF Slot Customization window to customize the event content that is forwarded ... Typical usage for the EIF base slot msg, is to specify a Literal Value + ...

Why are Oracle agent Event Classes are not showing up in Nov 30, 2015 · We have defined situations for ITCAM Oracle agent (rz), agent support is installed in TEPS and HUB TEMS. In the situation editor, when we launch EIF slot customization dialog, the oracle extended agent event classes (KRZ_Base) do not appear in the 'Available Event Classes' drop down list, like other agents KNT_Base etc do.